Global Warming Information

The global warming issue has become one of the most worrying problems in this advanced technology era. The changing in the climate and the disease and disasters that caused by it has made people more and more focused to fix the global warming issue. When people are intending to support the effort to decrease the negative effects of the global warming, the global warming information is the main thing that they need to understand and know fully.

The latest global warming information

The advancing technology of the communication and information has not only left us with the entertainment of the fast and easy lifestyle. But the technology can also be used to gather complete inquiry about the latest global warming information that is most terrifying for people. The main source for the latest information can be gathered from the internet.

The first most terrifying thing about the global warming information is the issue of the broken iceberg in the North and South Pole. The latest highlight about this is about the enormous size of Greenland iceberg that is recently broken off from the main ice land. This is a proof that the temperature in the area is getting higher due to the global warming. The danger about this is that is can make the sea level getting higher and the bigger chance of floods especially in the cities near the ocean.

The global warming information is also said that the climate change has been caused by the changing in the temperature of the earth. There are a lot of places around the world that has the confusing cycle of season. There would be winter that looks like it won’t end in near time. Or the summer that feels too hot that the usual summer day. Not only it changes the way seasonal cycle works, but it also create the epidemic diseases in some places due to the fast changing in weather.

The global warming information also reveals that the pollution in the earth atmosphere is getting to the level where it will be dangerous to the human life. The recent photos of earth that was taken from the outer space say that we can’t really see some parts of the earth clearly anymore. This is very different from a few decades ago when the atmosphere is still clear and fresh for the human health.

What to do after getting the global warming information

There are many things that we, as the earth residences, to keep the earth beautiful and healthy. The first thing is to reduce the usage of the gases that might be dangerous to the atmosphere. These gases come from the products that we use every day, such as the perfume, body spray, air conditioning, and refrigerator and so on. By reducing the usage of those things, we also reduce the releasing of the dangerous gases to the atmosphere and keep the earth in the good temperature.

We can also opt to decrease the level of the meat that we consume every day. The animals which the meat gathered from, such as the cows or swine, produce a massive gases that could break the condition of atmosphere. But by reducing the consumption of the meat, we can also reduce the production and keep the environment green and beautiful.

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